HopeCentral is hiring!

We have two job listings posted by HopeCentral Pediatrics and Behavioral Health.  A short description of the jobs are below, and a link to the complete listings are attached. We need your help to spread the word so we can fill these two positions. If you know people who would be interested, please encourage them to apply.
The full-time Patient Care Navigator will play an integral role in launching a new program at HopeCentral focused on assisting families of patients at HopeCentral with a new diagnosis of Autism. They will work with families closely, one on one, and seek to understand specific concerns for their child’s care and guide them through any services and referral systems.
The part-time Program Manager will help with launching community health programs focused on the Vietnamese community in King County, for which HopeCentral has received funding from the Best Starts for Kids levy. This entails key activities, including planning, research, writing, community engagement, and event coordination.
These two positions will work on the Parent Caregiver Education Support project. This grant we received is the 1st time the Vietnamese community is prioritized in providing support families of children with developmental delay in the Vietnamese community. We hope by strengthening the community and the medical/educational system, this will lead to an environment where families and children of all abilities are treasured and thriving. If anyone has additional questions, feel free to email me vHong@HopeCentralHealth.org

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